A simple clipboard capturing app that you can trust on

ClipboardMemo is capturing, storing and managing clipboard content. It's a simple and free dock application.

Application screenshot on MacOS dock and desktop

Why Choose ClipboardMemo ?

ClipboardMemo is more than just a clipboard capturing app.

Capture and store

All new contents of the clipboard are automatically stored

Paste any stored clip

Each entry can be placed back in the clipboard

Manage stored clips

Clean and compact the stored entries

Features & Details

Made for efficient everyday work.

Hold capture

The capture may be temporarily suspended
(for example, to copy confidential content).

Compact all entries into one

All entries in the history can be grouped into one.

Automatically saved

All entries and preferences are automatically saved for each user.

clipboard capture application menu

The following languages are supported :
English, French and Spanish

Opensource and free

ClipboardMemo is a modern, opensource and free application.
It is coded with NodeJS and Electron.

  • the history is limited to the last 80 contents of the clipboard
  • only the last 16 entries are displayed

Download & get started today !

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